Patty and Tony Tristan
Tristan Patty Tony in tent   Patty and Tony resting in their tent between battles. Patty preparing a cactus leaf for cooking. Tristan Kitchen   The kitchen with 1 cactus leaf  almost done and another started. Tristan Patty checking cact   Patty removing a cooked cactus leaf. Tristan Patty scarf   Patty in a tradional Mexican head scarf.
Tristan Tony uniform   Tony in uniform, holding his hat. Tristan Tony Cannon 1   Tony waiting for his cannon detail to leave to go to battle. Tristan Tony Cannon 2   Tony carrying equipment used with the cannon. Tristan Tony Cannon 3   Tony standing at his station, just to the left of the cannon.
Tristan Tony Cannon 4   Tony leaning away from the cannon to avoid the loud sound and concussion wave.