Surfing Lessons

James Parker and James Tandy taking surfing lesson
IMG 1650   Headed to the beach for instructions. James P is in white shirt, James T is in black shirt. IMG 1652   Holding class with Brian from C-Sick Surfin' IMG 1653   How to stand on the board... IMG 1655   How to lay on the board...
IMG 1657   Practice on the board... IMG 1660   And more... IMG 1661   More... IMG 1667   More...
IMG 1676   Headed out into the water IMG 1680   Further... IMG 1686   Further... IMG 1690   Attempting to get on the board
IMG 1693   And falling off IMG 1701   More tries... IMG 1702 IMG 1711
IMG 1713 IMG 1718   I'm standing up, but in an awkward position IMG 1719 IMG 1730   Standing again
IMG 1731   Look at that form... IMG 1733 IMG 1749 IMG 1779
IMG 1780   What balance... IMG 1791   The flying pelicans checking me out.. IMG 1797 IMG 1808   I'm SURFING..
IMG 1809   Headed back in after class IMG 1697   James Tandy on the water IMG 1698   Not bad for starters.. IMG 1699   And falling off the board...
IMG 1706   Ka-boom IMG 1714   Tryig again... IMG 1716   Another ka-boom IMG 1721   Trying again...
IMG 1723   Need more practice... IMG 1743 IMG 1738   Check that form IMG 1747   Waiting for the right time to stand up
IMG 1751   Standing up successful IMG 1755 IMG 1759 IMG 1794
IMG 1806   Headed to shore for the last time.