Sun and Clouds

Things in the daytime sky like clouds and rays and rainbows.
Sunset clouds   Clouds at Sunset Sun at horizon clouds   Sunset just touching the horizon witth back-lit clouds Clouds-2016-07-17-panorama   Bolivar Peninsula IMG 8462-morning-sundog   Looking west in the morning I saw this sundog.
Rainbow panorama   Full rainbow over Kīlauea volcano caldera  in Hawaii 2016 2015 Sun Movement   2015 Sun North South Movement IMG 7592   Houston Camera Club Assignment Winner - Cloud Formation 12/2015 Brazos-Bend-SP-20155-0829   Panorma from Brazos Bend State Park, Aug 28, 2015
Playing On Beach Sunrise   Playing on the beach at sunrise Houston-Skyline-Sunrise   Houston skyline at sunrise GalvestonBay 20140921   Sunrise from Galveston Bay GalvestonBay Sailboat Sunset   Sailing into the Sunset, Galveston Bay
Storm 2013 03 28 Columbus v2 Sunset 2013 03 29 Columbus North-American-Cloud IMG 4168 0001
Sun Rays Panorama1   3 images together to show length of the rays 2009-Apr-26 0046 web   On the way to Roswell, NM 2009-Apr-26 0047 web   AS seen on the way to Roswell, NM 2009-Apr-26 0048 web   On the way to Roswell, NM
Clouds 01 IMG 2568 0002 web IMG 3676 Web Plane Glory