Roswell Aliens

Roswell New Mexico and the Aliens
2009-Apr-26 0049 2009-Apr-26 0053   Modern equipment to study the aliens 2009-Apr-26 0054   Macho Alien 2009-Apr-26 0055   In the examining room
2009-Apr-26 0057   At the Alien Bar 2009-Apr-26 0072   The landing capsule 2009-Apr-26 0081   Lovie-dovey with Amelia 2009-Apr-26 0082   Lovie-dovey with Anne
2009-Apr-26 0085   Lovie-dovey with Cecile 2009-Apr-26 0086   Even closer with Amelia 2009-Apr-26 0088   The Alien innards 2009-Apr-26 0090   Anti-Gravity room
2009-Apr-26 0092 2009-Apr-26 0094   Ticket taker 2009-Apr-26 0084   Preserved specimans 2009-Apr-26 0078   Having a cook-out
2009-Apr-26 0099   The city's acceptance of aliens