Dandelions   Dandelions at the Grand Tetons Blue Bonnets Garden   Blue Bonnets at the Westbury Community Garden Jellyfish   Jellyfish at the downtown aquarium Flowers at the Westbury Community Garden
Sunbathing at the New Orleans Audubon Zoo Purple Flower   Growing in our backyard P HidingCow SGoldberg   Cow hiding in the trees N FlowerBug SGoldberg   Houston Camera Club 2016 Year End 3rd place Nature category
2 white horses   White horses out in the field A TreeSquirrel SGoldberg   In our backyard, the squirrels will play Twin-Flowers   Twin blossoms P HawaiianFlower-SGoldberg   Common flower in Hawaii
West-Texas-Cactus   West Texas Cactus Dormant-Tree   Dormant Tree near Frio River Deer-Points-20150321   Seen near Columbus, TX Galveston-Dolphins-20150314   Dolphins in the Houston Ship Channel near Galveston
Anahuac-Turtle-2015   Anahuac Refruge 2015 Fast Moving Squirrel   Fast Moving Squirrel BrownCaterpillar web   Cure little thing Orange Blue bug IMG 4349.   Assassin bug
IMG 4240   Sunning at Children's Museum BlueBonnet 1   Blue Bonnet in the field OnTheLookOut   On The Lookout at the Houston Zoo Lizard Head   Lizard Head
Otter thru the water   Otter swimming that we seldom see Ostrich head   Ostrich Head Watching the bird   Watching the bird Sleeping-Lion   Houston Camera Club Jan, 2014 Assignment: Facial features up close, 1st place
Lion-Paw   Lion Paw, Houston Zoo 2013 Tarantua   Tarantula walking on the road at the Prude Ranch, Ft. Davis, Tx. N Grasshopper SGoldberg   Saw at Ft. Davis, Texas P Catus SGoldberg   Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center & Botanical Gardens. near Ft. Davis TX
Turtle-2013-06-01   Turtle at Houston Arboretum Trees and Pond   Pond on the back roads of Louisiana Beetle 9437   Dung Beetle in motiom OrangeBug   Found in the back yard
2 deer eating web   Mom and child sharing a meal 2011-Jun-30-Fawn   In the Texas Hill Country Barkless Tree   Tree without bark caught my eye Sun and trees   Sunlight thru the trees at Kleb Woods Nature Park
Bee On Flower web   Bee on a flower IMG 4623 2 ants web   2 Ants IMG 6022 ripples-in-the-sand   Ripples in the sand IMG 6138 Gorilla web   Gorilla watching the people at the Houston Zoo
IMG 5412 web   Several butterflies IMG 5418 web   1 butterfly N Froggie SGoldberg   Fron the marshes at Brazos Bend State Park IMG 4762-web
BBSP 0021 Alligator back   Brazos Bend State Park alligator lounging in the water FT 2Alligators SGoldberg   Brazos Bend State Park - Horseshoe Lake Aug 28, 2010 2010-07-18 0008 web   Grasshopper MonarchCatepillar web   Monarch Catepillar eating on parsley
IMG 3650 web   Galveston Beach IMG 3568 0082 web   Red and Yellow flower IMG 3575 0089 web   Pink flower IMG 3288 0130 web   Brazos Bend State Park Swamp
IMG 3370 web   Bird on the water's edge Allegator-head-web   Up close and personal with an alligator IMG 3221 web   Rose for Valentine's Day 2009-Mar-17 0073 web   Bee with Pollen
Fall-2009-005 web   Fall in the hill country Ants   Ant colony 2009-Jun-06 web   Young Deer IMG 1228 0290 1024x768   Monarch Catepillars
Flying-Wasp   Flying Red Wasp Web 20070704 022 Web 20070704 014 flat IMG 2972 0127 web
BF 091 BF 041 BF 138 BF 139
BF 064 BF 066 BF 027 BF 086
BF 087 BF 096 BF 105 BF 111
BF 118 BF 123 BF 142 BF 157
BF 174 BF 183 web 20070603 009 flat IMG 2407 snake1   Snake digesting a frog