Misc things - off the beaten path

Ships Wheel   The ship's wheel on the Ma' Alahi in Kemah M OldCars SGoldberg   Old cars in the country Old Wood Building   Abandon old building in Burton, TX Train Station   Museum train station in Burton, TX
B17 Propeller   B17 Bomber Propeller Space Chess   Unique set of Chess game pieces A-106   Brenham, TX Fire House Museum B-106   Brenham, TX outside wall mural
C-106   Brenham, TX alleyway D-106   Brenham, TX fire escape, in monochrome E-106   Brenham, TX ice cream serving F-106   Brenham, TX showing different textures
G-106   Brenham, TX front porch H-106   Brenham, TX building J-106   Brenham, TX fancy door K-106   Brenham, TX Country Fair "Zero Gravity" ride
L-106   Brenham, TX County Fair carousel "in motion" N-106   Brenham, TX County Fair "Peddle Tractor Races" O-106   Budweiser bucket beneith the Clydesdale wagon P KubotaProducts SGoldberg   Kubota Tractor products
J ObliviousMom SGoldberg   "Oblivous Mom" at children's indoor play area P LightReflections SGoldberg   Reflections in the water at The Fountains, Stafford TX Veggies From The Garden   Harvest from our spot at the Westbury Community Garden Hobby Tower BW   Historic Hobby Tower with fuel truck
Dancing to the music   At a music festival at Willow Waterhole Father Son Photo   Father capturing son with sno-cone Rodeo Aisle   One of the aisles at the Houston Livestock Show Sax Player   Musician at music festival
Tall Ship Statue   Human "statue" at the tall ships in Galveston 2018 Cistern Zoomed   Houston's underground cistern Shooting the Cistern   Photographers shooting the cistern Spinning Ride   Spinning ride at the Rodeo 2018
Pastel sticks   A collection of pastel sticks Chevy Truck   Chevy Truck at a car show Gazing Ball Reflections   Gazing ball reflections in the backyard Waiting to go live   Waiting to go live on Click2Houston
Sand Waves   Sand Waves on the beach in Port O'Connor Snail Trail   Snail making a trail in Port O'Connor Checker Board   Checker Board area at B&B Enjoying The Snow   Playing in the "snow" at Willow Waterhole
Pumpkin Face   Pumpkin face on a hay bale Snowy Chair 2017   Backyard scene during Houston Snow 2017 J FeedingTheCalf SGoldberg   Feeding a calf at Stryk Dairy M OldCountryHouse SGoldberg   Old Country House
N Seashell SGoldberg   A Nature's shell in the sand 20171122 134523   Mr. Frog watching the fountain J HarveyDebris SGoldberg   Hurricane Harvey debris under I-610 Chicken Salad Sandwich   Chicken Salad Sandwich
Shrimp Muffuletta   Shrimp Muffuletta Watching the rails   "Watching the Rails" 2017 Year End Travel 1st Place Prints Houston Camera Club Coca Cola Stuff   "Coca Cola Stuff" 2017 Year End Creative 3rd Place Prints Houston Camera Club P 5 Tomatoes SGoldberg   "Five Tomatoes" 2017 Year End Pictorial 3rd Place Projected Houston Camera Club
Texas State Railroad Oiling the wheels   Oiling the wheels on steam engine, Texas State Railroad Audubon Zoo, NOLA, Swamp exhibit   Louisiana Swamp exhibit at Audubon Zoo, New Orleans Gorilla at the New Orleans Audubon Zoo   Inquisitive gorilla at Audubon Zoo, New Orleans Having fun in the water   Playing at the beach
Making a play at a Houston Skeeters game   Making a play at a Houston Skeeters game Morning dew drops   Morning dew drops Williams Tower   Williams Tower near the water wall Boot Planter   Unique plant planter
Night Harbor   Rockport, TX harbor at night Rockport Fountain   Fountain at Fullton House in Rockport, TX Shooting Fountains   Dancing fountains the Houston Medical Center Sunrise at the Beach   Sunrise at the beach in Rockport, TX
Buddens Store   Budden's General Store, Palmetto, LA A FloweredTractor SGoldberg   Houston Camera CLub Nov 2016 1st Place Assignment "Reclaimed by Nature" M RustingTractor SGoldberg   Houston Camera Club Oct 2016 1st Place Monochrome category J OutShrimping SGoldberg   Out Shrimping
J SidewalkArtists SGoldberg   Sidewalk artists at Willow Water Hole Jumping From the Ship   Diving from the ship in Hawaii (not us!) N Waterfall SGoldberg   Waterfall in Hawaii Hard-Disk-Drive   Inside of a hard disk drive
B17 Tool Box   Tool Box at RC airport Craryolas 2015   Waiting for little hands to pick some up. P MercerFountain SGoldberg   Pond at Mercer Gardens NightRiverWalk SA 2015   Nighttime on the RiverWalk
RiverWalk Umbrellas SA 2015   Outdoor Cafe on the RiverWalk Water And Fire SA 2015   Fountain at Pat O'Briens in San Antonio Water Fall SA 2015   Waterfall near the RiverWalk San-Jacinto-Monument   San Jacinto Monument
Texas-Flag-on-Door   On door at the San Jacinto Monument Texas-Christmas-Lights   Neighborhood Holilday lights Red White Blue Pie   Red White and Blue Apple Pie Moms Bait Shop   Mom's Bait Shop in Rockport Marina
Goliad Girl   Goliad Reenactment Girl FT JailLock SGoldberg   Jail Door lock ShootingTheRifle   Rifle competition at Thunder River Renegades, Feb, 2014 A CowboyHat SGoldberg   After a long day's ride...
GrabbingASnack   Grabbing a snack Fort Davis Cannon   Fort Davis Cannon Fort Davis Barricks   Barracks at Fort Davis, Texas J ThoseAreMyFries SGoldberg   A "basket of fries"
J TireChanging SGoldberg   NASCAR Speed Tire Changing T MissionEntrance SGoldberg   Entrance to Mission, FT Davis, TX Panorama-web   Barracks at Fort Davis, Texas TakeItAwayFromMe   Angel dog's play toy
Paul Lisa Neddle web   Paul Goldberg and Lisa Huston pre-wedding picture. Aug 18,2013 Hupmobile   Hupmobile 8 from Tacoma Lemay Car Museum IMG 2267 v2   Bentley hood ornament from Tacoma Lemay Car Museum SmallTownParade   Snoqualmie RalRoad Town annual parade. Snoqualmie WA
Bicycle-Speed   Bicyclists speeding around the track. Houston Camera Club 1st place Field Trip, July 2013 A CoffeeAnyone SGoldberg   First Place, June 2013 Monthly assignment: Standing Out in the Crowd. Projected GreenPencil   June 2013 Monthly Assignment - Standing Out in the Crowd. 2nd place. Prints. J GoingToTheFire SGoldberg   Going to the fire, ready for the battle. Tied for First Place in Photojournalism June 2013.
OldTimeBarberShop   Old Time Barber Shop in downtown New Orleans O 061   Old preserved cabin in Luling, TX Yellow-Hillside   Hillside between Canton and Houston, March 31, 2013 Luling-City-BBQ   The famous Luling City Market BBQ
Rusting-Truck   Old rusting Truck Window-and-Table   Looking out to the picnic bench Down-the-tracks   Looking down the tracks for the train LetterPicker   Picking a Letter - Houston Camera Club "Assignment- Alphabet"  1st Place April 3, 2013
Canoe-What-to-do-next   Well, how do we get down from here? TossingTheCrab   Tossing the crab at the Seattle Pike Place Market SpaceNeedle Glass   Seattle Space Needle with Chihuly Glass sculpture. Houston Camera Club Year End 2013 2nd Place Projected Travel category. A BlanketDog SGoldberg   A lazy dog named Angel
Waterwall Twirl   Having fun at the Water Wall Boat-Harbor   Rockport boat harbor Chewla   Chewla playing in the water Grand Teton Barn   Barn made famous by Ansel Adams. 2012 Year End 3rd Place at Houston Camera Club
Taking Family photos   Common site in the Hill country during bluebonnet season: families taking pictures. BlueBonnets Caboose   Blue Bonnets and Caboose IMG 6900 SewingMachine   Antique sewing machine at Kleb Woods Nature Park Dangling Feet   Dangling Feet at the WindSurf ride at Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo
IMG 6016 Beach-Debris   Beach debris Foucault-Pendulum web   Foucault Pendulum at the Houston Museum of Natural Science 2-People-on-Beach   Watcing the surf and talking Boats-waiting-to-sail   Waiting for morning to sail
2 Warriors web   2 Warriors at the Texas Ren Festival FT LadyInWhite SGoldberg   Lady in White at the Texas Ren Festival J Whittling SGoldberg   Whittling some small wooden knick-knacks Mater 4   Mater from the movies
2010-10-31 0018-web   Houston Car-B-Q Retiring US Flag   Boy Scouts retiring the US flag Stove and chair-web   Houston Camera Club - June 2010 Assignment: "Forgotten in Time" Winner Doughnut Box   The Missing Doughnuts
IMG 3467 0028 web   Lonely tree on the Frio Night-Pier-web   Man in the Mist on the Pier - Rockport, TX 2010 (Color) Night Pier v2 b w   Man in the Mist on the Pier - Rockport, TX 2010 (B&W) Long-pier-web   Long pier in the water - Rockport, TX
White-Restaurant-web   Abandon Restaurant For Rent - Rockport, TX 2010 Cool-Coast-Camp-Building-we IMG 3176 Drummer web   Drummer at Chinese New Year 2010 IMG 2642 web   Pond in the country
Coins-Out-of-Place-web   Old Indian Head penny among current coins IMG 3050 0015-web   Snow of December, 2009 IMG 3065 0003-web   Snow and frozen water during snow of 2009 in Houston IMG 3068 0006-web   Snow of December, 2009
Cow Looking   Who's looking at whom? P BarStools SGoldberg   Bar stools at the old Cypress Top bar Star Trails 2009 04 21   The star trails that were generated from 147 30 second images. The "dotted" appearance is because the shutter was open and then closed for a "dark frame". You can see the motion of Polaris around the true "north point". IMG 2330 1024   Mushroom Spider
Lightgram-1-web   LIghtgram - moving light with a red filter on the camera IMG 1652 Head Bounce   Soccer Ball Head Bounce IMG 1643 web   Friend watching  Head Bounce Coca Cola with door   Old Coca Cola machine that had the sliding door
Service Station   Humble Service Station Cypress Top, TX Beignets   Beignets of Cafe duMonde 3 Mast Walker   Caribbean Island-Houston Camera Club - 2009 Yr End Award - 2nd Place - Travel Leakey Frio River 01   Frio River at Leakey, TX
Jackson-Sq-8x10-web   Jackson Square, New Orleans, LA Traffic-1dotted-red-web   French Quarter Traffic Whos winning the race   Who's winning the race? Pointed tree stump
IMG 9815-Overall-Falls   Niagara Falls - June 2008 IMG 9820-US-Falls   US Niagara Falls - 2008 IMG 9833-Niagara-fury-1   Niagara Falls' Fury - 2008 IMG 9811--Under-Falls   Underneath Niagara Falls - 2008
Lets Eat Crawfish   Grabbing for the crawfish Red bulbs   Box of red bulbs for Texas Star Party Soap Bubble   Soap bubble floating in air Haak Wine Barrel   Haak Wine Barrel
Haak Wine Barrels   Row of wine barrels, Haak Winery Haak Lock   Private cage lock at Haak Winery Church   Church in the fog Distant House   Distant house in the fog
Horses Fog   Horses in the fog Lonely Strawberry   A lonely strawberry Smoky House 2   Smokey house from fireworks Windjammer Yankee Clipper   The Windjammer ship Yankee Clipper
Boat and sun   Lonely sale boat on the water Firetruck Controls   Fire engine control panel IMG 2006   Spider web in mid-air Jack-o-Melon007   Halloween "Melon-O-Lantern"
Joan Hudson Gifford   Friend Joan Hudson Gifford, 1980 Mexican light fixture   Mexican light Phoenix Airport   Phoenix Airport PICT0014   Waterfall in Costa Rica
PICT0040   Hummers feeding Power Pole   Power Pole at power plant Startrails 3   Star trails Steve and Amelia   Steve & Amelia
Stonehenge   Stonehenge, Engand Tractor tracks   Tractor tracks in the fields Water squares   Water squares south of Houston Telescopes 2008 family   Telescope family: 14.5" Dob, 15" Obsession, 10" Dob, 3.5" Dob kit, Celestron-5"
IMG 3457   Amelia's 15" Obsession with ArgoNavis, StellarCat and "Slacker" IMG 3458   Steve's 14.5" f/5.2  StarSplitter on tracking platform Telescope cargo trailer   Empty telescope trailer