IMG 2703   The 82" and 107" domes at McDonold Observatoy, Ft. Davis, TX IMG 2704   The Hobby-Eberly Telescope (HET) 433" dome. IMG 2718   Plaque for the 82" IMG 2719   82" Dedication plaque
IMG 2720   The 82" Struve telescope. IMG 2717   Notice the eyepiece on the tail piece, not an instrument. IMG 2734   Close up of the upper cage. IMG 2733   The RA setting circle.
IMG 2735   The setting circles are about 6 feet across. IMG 2732   The aluminizing tank. IMG 2737   The console at night. IMG 2730   The shadow of the 82" dome on the 107" dome.
IMG 2722   Looking between the 2 domes is the HET dome on the next mountain top. IMG 2723   And here is the HET dome close up. IMG 2724   Harvard Radio Telescope as seen from the 82" dome. IMG 2725   Road sign - Highest Texas road in the state.
IMG 2726   View from the catwalk of the 82". IMG 2727   Another view from the catwalk. IMG 2728   Another view from the catwalk. IMG 2729   Another view from the catwalk.
IMG 2731   The McDonald Visitors Center. IMG 2736   Sunset before observing starts.