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HAS-Observatory-2015-08-15 Panorama Field   Founder's Event, March 29, 2014 IMG 6317   Bill Pellerin, President of the HAS IMG 6303   Allan Parker - Original developer of the Dark Site
IMG 6310   John Hiatt - Original developer of the Dark Site IMG 6322   Dr. David Lambert, Director, Univ of Texas McDonald Observatory IMG 6346   Mike Edstrom - Observatory Chairman IMG 6440   John Hiatt and Allan Parker with the Memorial Plaque
IMG 6367   Observatory Chairman plaque. From right: Allan Parker, John Hiatt, Mike Dye, Kirk Kendrick and Charlene Rogers, with Steve Goldberg presenting IMG 6373   Astronomical League Master Observers. From right: Doug McCormick, Amelia Goldberg, Larry Wadle and Brian Cudnik (Gordon Houston unable to attend) IMG 6389   Plaque for Leonid Lunar Impact verified by video, to Brian Cudnik IMG 6398   Supernova 1994S in NGC4495 to Larry Mitchell
IMG 6403   Mike Edstrom presenting to Bob Roger's family name plate for Bob's Observatory IMG 6417   Charlene and David Rogers placing name plate on Bob's Observatory IMG 6420   Opening of Bob Rogers Astronphotography Observatory IMG 6424   The open dome of "Bob's Dream"
IMG 6452   Munching on dinner IMG 6464   Cakes with image of site was a hit. Columbus Star Party 2013 08 03   Star Party on Aug 3, 2013. There are at least 21 telescopes at the site. Bob-Rogers-2013-web   Last picture of Bob Rogers taken at the site. By Clayton Jeter
2013-11-27 16.10.01   NOT FOR SALE!. New Chartroom paint job and furniture. IMG 4258   Weather Station - 2014 IMG 4259   Weather Station - 2014 IMG 4260   Weather Station - 2014