Aprill, 2016 Trip
Jack & Elinor 50th wedding anniversary
IMG 8390 Group Photo 2016   Group photo IMG 8386-Women-on-the-trip   The women in the group 20160407 093351   The living area of the house 20160407 093402   Looking out from the living area to the backyard
20160407 075306   The pool and hot tub IMG 8351-Pelican-in-Pool IMG 8310-Sunset-1   Sunsets that we saw IMG 8343-Sunset-3
IMG 8346-Sunset-4 IMG 8316-Sunset-2 IMG 8462-morning-sundog   "sundog" - Light from the sun reflecting in the clouds IMG 8324-Flower-1   FLora and fauna around the house
IMG 8328-Flower-2   Bird-of-Paradise plant IMG 8337-Bananas   Bananas IMG 8331-Tree-1 IMG 8329-Bird-1
IMG 8377-Bird-at-Pool IMG 8403-yellow-bird IMG 8382   Paul and Lisa enjoying the pool IMG 8384-Butterklee-family   Jack taking picture of the Butterklee family
20160404 092337   Kayaking in the bay. Jack & Elinor, Barry & Doreen 20160404 093548-Sarah   Sarah on the water bike IMG 8423-Entrance-Sign   Visited Volvano National Park IMG 8421-Kilauea-1   The Kilauea volcano
IMG 8412-Amelia-Steve-at-Volcano-Park   Amelia and Steve Rainbow panorama   Saw a full rainbow IMG 8424-Kilauea-2 IMG 8447-Kilauea-3   Nighttime at the volcano
IMG 8468-Hilton-Parrots   Hilton Hotel birds on display IMG 8470-Hilton-scene-1   Views from the Hiltom IMG 8476-Amelia-Duane-Fountain   Amelia and Duane IMG 8481-Hilton-scene-2
IMG 8482-Hilton-scene-3 IMG 8485-Hilton-scene-4 IMG 8505-Hilton-scene-5 IMG 8507-Amelia-Duane-Lunch   Lunchtime beverage
IMG 8516-Strange-Birds IMG 8519-Kona-Brewery   Kona Brewing Company tour IMG 8520-Kona-Brewhouse   Not much to see inside :( IMG 8523-Kona-Kegs   Different size kegs
IMG 8524-Kona Brewhouse-Temp   brrr... inside IMG 8535-Helicopter-01   Helicopter ride from Hilo over the lava flows IMG 8536-Helicopter-02 IMG 8542-Helicopter-03   Growing orchards
IMG 8544-Helicopter-04 IMG 8550-Helicopter-05   Lava fields IMG 8552-Helicopter-06   And more fields... IMG 8553-Helicopter-07   And...
IMG 8555-Helicopter-08 IMG 8557-Helicopter-09 IMG 8559-Helicopter-10 IMG 8565-Helicopter-11
IMG 8568-Helicopter-12 IMG 8573-Helicopter-13 IMG 8574-Helicopter-14 IMG 8584-Helicopter-15
IMG 8588-Helicopter-16 IMG 8596-Helicopter-17   Waterfalls in the forest IMG 8599-Helicopter-17 IMG 8606-Helicopter-18   Group picture in front of the helicopter
IMG 8617-Ponds-01 IMG 8620-Ponds-02 IMG 8623-Ponds-03 IMG 8624-Ponds-04
IMG 8332-Ponds-1 IMG 8663-Ponds-05 IMG 8626-Beach-1 IMG 8630-Beach-2
IMG 8633-Beach-3 IMG 8644-Beach-4 IMG 8640-Keck-Distance-1   Keck Observatory atop the mountain. Our house is in the forground. IMG 8641-Keck-Distance-2
IMG 8667-Beach-5   Northern part of the Big Island IMG 8669-Amelia-Sarah   Amelia and Sarah T BeachHulu SGoldberg   Evening dinner entertainment on the beach at the Lava Lava Restaurant IMG 8674-Beach-6
IMG 8677-Beach-7