Pictures I have taken of objects in the sky.
Red tree and Milky Way   Sagittarius between a tree and rock Windmill Sag Saturn   Sagittarius to the left of the windmill with Saturn at the top of the teapot. Startrails 3   Individual images stacked together to form the star trails around Polaris Double Iridium 20170513   2 Iridium flares just 30 seconds apart.
20170209 181701   Taken with Samsung Galaxy S5 phone thru 8" f/6 Stack-14-images   14 images stacked. 18mm. camera sitting on back of Dob on tracking platform IMG 7392   Before sunrise, there is a sundog on the right and high in the sky, a sun pillar rising from the mountain. Moon-Venus-Jupiter-2015-07-18   Moon, Venus and Jupiter to the right. July 18, 2015, from Dark Site in Columbus.
IMG 7005   Bright Venus, the Moon at the tree line, and Jupter to the right and slightly down from Venus. Julyl 17, 2015, from Dark Site in Columbus. Moon over Dome 2016   George Observatory on Astronomy Day, 2016 SuperMoon-2013-06-22   Super Moon over the George Observatory June 22, 2013 Space-Station-20121229   Space Station flyover Dec 29, 2012
TSP2012Milky Way   Milky Way rising over TSP2012 2012 03 24 9555 Jup Venus Moon 2012 03 24 Iridium -3 mag   Iridium -3 magnitude on Mar 22, 2012 from Leakey Tx
Iridium 0 mag   Iridium flare, 0 magnitude on Mar 22, 2012 from Leakey Tx IMG 4764 web   Moon and Venus, 2010 Jupiter 0033 darkspot   At the bottom is the new "dark spot" that appeared July, 2009. On the left is Ganymede and just on the right limb of Jupiter is Europa. Taken with a 7" f/9.7 refractor. PhotoShop'd to bring out the details. Jupiter 0029 wide   Shot from the Columbus Observatory site with Jupiter at the top. Image untouched, straight from the camera.
Moon-Venus-Occultation-2009 Sunrise Moon Venus FtDavis