Alaska 2014

Trip to Alaska, Sept 2014
IMG 4370   Entrance to Glacier Bay National Park Ship Discoverer   Our ship, Wilderness Discoverer IMG 0889   Inside the "Park" IMG 0897   Inside the "Park"
IMG 4506   Inside the "Park" IMG 0905   Pieces of ice floating and glaciers in the mountains IMG 0909   Check the colors in the rocks IMG 0910   Glaciers on the mountains
IMG 4457   Interesting colors of the rocks Cruising Alaska   Cruising around IMG 4552   Amelia kayaking in Glacier Bay IMG 0933   And kayaking...
IMG 4521   And kayaking... IMG 4817   And kayaking... IMG 4828   And kayaking... IMG 4824   And out in the open waters by herself
IMG 5083   And kayaking... IMG 4906   Paddle Boarding IMG 4902   Paddle Boarding with Friends Puffin 4421   Puffin swimming by
IMG 4635   Large glacier at water level IMG 4543   Same glacier ... IMG 4547   Same glacier ..Notice the kayaks for scale IMG 4542   Same glacier ...
IMG 4690   Same glacier ... IMG 4539   Up close IMG 4704   Up close IMG 4694   real close
IMG 4562   Water fall that we boated to IMG 0902   We all wore PFD - Personal Floatation Devices IMG 4570   Colors in the rocks IMG 4629   Sunrise the morning of "super moon"
Supermoon Sep 9 2014   Close up of "super moon" IMG 4623   Sunrise IMG 4752   Steve at the helm IMG 4764   Steve holding a live star fish
IMG 4799   Amelia and Steve on a "Forest Poke" Whale-Bones-panorama   Whale skeleton display IMG 4930   Whales feeding IMG 4931   and again....
IMG 4956   and again.... IMG 4996   and again.... IMG 4998   and again.... IMG 5032   and again....
IMG 5033   and again.... whale tail 4973   Whale tail and spray 1 eagle on ice 4682   Eagle sitting on an ice floe 2 eagles on ice 4667   2 eaglea on ice floe
Bear in stream 4850   Bear fishing Bear with kayaks 4865   Kayaks getting too close to bear Bear footprint 1   A bear's footprint Seal Island 4404   Seal island
Seals 4427   Seals lounging about Seals 4430   more seals... IMG 5085   Kayaks near shore IMG 5112   Edge of the forest
Dinner 3 couples 5158   Friends we made from Australia and Minnesota Amelia Allison 5160   Alison, one of the crew IMG 5156   Where we went Animals-Spotted   Flora, animals and natural phenomena spotted during the week
IMG 5162   Town of Sitka, the final port